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Unfortunately, forensic engineering and failure analysis is becoming more and more important in todays
world. Engineering and materials failures can shut down critical process lines, cause structural failures
in buildings as well as machines, result in premature failure or reduced service life, and possibly cause
injuries or fatalities.

BlackFire Engineering got its start doing failure analysis. We were consulted by a manufacturer whose
process equipment and warehoused material was suffering unexpected and damaging corrosion.
Incorrect HVAC design, while meeting ASHRAE guidelines, was the cause of tens of thousands of
dollars of damage. BlackFire determined the cause, and offered a cost effective solution that corrected
the problem, and saved the manufacturer energy costs as a bonus.
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Fracture surface of a wire winding shaft. The shaft
supported a spool of steel wire, weighing up to 6,000
pounds. The process necessitated frequent and abrupt
start and stop action. Inspection of the part showed
significant weld porosity and oxidation, the cause for the
failure. The engineers at BlackFire quickly and cost
effectively identified the problem, and worked to
develop a solution to our clients problem.

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